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Attendance Procedures

When a child is absent, a parent should call school 715-446-3336 press 1 for attendance voicemail, by 9:00 a.m. to inform the office that the child will not be in attendance. If a family does not call to inform school about a student’s absence, the school will make a reasonable attempt to reach a parent at home or work. If the office is not able to contact a parent to get an explanation for an unreported absence, the absent child will be recorded as “unexcused”. Police may be called if we are concerned with the safety of the child. After a student has been absent, he or she should bring to school a written excuse signed by a parent. For doctor or dentist appointments, please bring a slip from their office to have the appointment considered as a medical excuse. Absences beyond five per semester may need a doctor’s excuse. The only excused absences are those due to illness of the student, death in the family, a doctor or dentist appointment that cannot be scheduled after school hours, or whenever the principal considers that exemption from attendance is in the best interest of the student. 

Students who ride the school bus will arrive at school at 8:20 am. Students who walk to school or are driven by parents should plan to arrive at about the same time. Students will not be permitted to go to the classrooms earlier, since prior to that time, teachers are not available to provide necessary supervision. (The outer doors of the school are locked until 8:20 am and students are not permitted in the building prior to that time.) Children are not to remain after school or play on the playground unless it is an organized, coach-supervised practice or game. In the event that children return to the playground after dismissal, teachers or other school personnel will not be responsible for supervising their play or for accidents. If parents need before-school care for their child, Everest Adventure Care provides this program at school.

If your child will be absent for three or more days, parents should request a Pre-Arranged Absence Notification form from your school, complete it and turn it in to your child’s teacher.

  • Call school when your child is absent
  • Tardy students must report in at the office
  • Parents may not remove students from classrooms or the playground
  • When returning from a doctor or dentist appointment, please bring a slip from their office to have the absence considered as a medical excuse.
  • Police may be called for the safety of the child.