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School Bus Routes

Prior to the opening of school in the fall, Lamers Bus Lines will mail each student notification of the route the student will ride throughout the school year. Parents should review the information sent by the bus contractor and help their child determine the appropriate bus stop. During the first few days of school, routes may be altered. If a child boards the wrong bus during the first few days, he or she will be taken home at the end of the driver's run.

Alternate Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

It is the intent of the D.C. Everest Area School District to try to accommodate the special needs of parents and children and to help working parents, whenever possible, by allowing transportation to babysitters or day care centers.

The concern of the school district and the transportation company is for the safety and welfare of our children. Therefore, all children must be picked up and/or delivered to the same location on a regular basis.

The district will honor requests for multiple pick-up or delivery points for the same days during the week, providing the alternate drop-off and/or pick-up location is on an established bus route in the school's attendance area. Parents are required to provide the district with a schedule for the alternate pick-up and/or drop-off location.

Requests to have children change bus routes to go to a babysitter or day care center may be granted only when it is determined by the transportation company that there is room on the affected bus. Requests for a change in bus stops that are on existing bus routes and for a period of at least 30 days will be considered. Pick-up and delivery to a location outside the school's attendance areas will be considered if the pick-up or delivery point is on an established bus route.

Requests for alternate pick-up and drop-off locations must be in writing, must meet the above criteria, and be approved by the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Operations. Temporary bus changes will be approved on a short-term basis for emergency situations only. Requests of a social nature will not be approved (sports, parties, lessons, etc.).

Transportation Change Request Forms can be found here, the individual school offices, Lamers Bus Lines, or at the Administration Building. Requests for the next school year must be submitted no later than July 15th so the change, if approved, can be incorporated into the bus routing.

Highlights of the Transportation Policy Section:
  • Requests to have children picked up or dropped off at a sitter or day care may be granted if the necessary request form has been submitted.  Pick up the form at the school, the Administration Building or at Lamers Bus Lines.
  • Requests to have a student ride a different bus for a “social reason” (sports, parties, etc.) will not be permitted.